After "live" event 2017

Hi All

It was great to be able to play in "live" this new project, with five other classical musicians.

Despite all difficulties and issues i got to build this kind of project for the first time, it was a pleasure to see the concert venue full of people interested by this project.

Soon, you will be able to see the best parts of this concert in video, on this website and on Youtube.

This event gave us the "spark" to show you an even better performance on the next event.

See you all in 2018 for the next "live" event.

"Emotional Level" EP release


It's been a while since the last news...

But this new EP release will mark, hopefully, a new step in the search of "cinematic" textures and sounds for SKy76. 

I'm very happy to release this 4 new tracks with London based label "Hum Tracks". With their help, this EP will be released everywhere online, but also be part of a bigger release catalog for medias synchronisation (Movies/TV/Documentary/etc..).

Label owner Joe Glasman says: "We're proud to announce that Hum Tracks is the label of choice for the next release of SKy76, an artist with a huge breadth of innovative talent, who paints his sound canvas with vast cinematic brushstrokes".


EP album

Hi everyone


I'm really glad to introduce you the new 2014's EP album (3 tracks), released by "Filter Label". This is the beggining of a new collaboration, and further news and tracks will come.

Always in search of a "cinematic" way to produce and play music and sounds, this EP album continue the musical way that started the "Close-Up album.

Check the usual digital links (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Beatport or Soundcloud) for listening and buying tracks.


New 2014 Single!!

Hi there

I'm glad to announce you the first new single release of this year: "With These Words".

The wonderful female singer who sang on the "electronica-opera" track from Close-Up album did it again. But this time, a more intimate and sweet voice reveal itself thru a combination of piano "jazzy" lines and "electro-organic" beat.

The track is available on most digital download portals.

A second single should be released soon, more info to come!!

Stay tuned, and check out on music section of this website. 


"live" video


A big thanks to everyone who came at the venue for the concert last month, it was a great pleasure to share those moments with you.

And for those of you that missed the show, go to the "video" tab on this website, and you will be able to see the first part of this concert.

See you in a next SKy76's event.


SKy76 "live" & album CD available in CD store

Hi everyone

We are very excited to announce you the first Sky76's liveshow since the second album release!  Venue: "La Datcha" in Flon area (Lausanne - Switzerland) - May 18th 2013.

Special guests from the second album will participate also, as remixed "live" version from both album tracks.

The next news is the availability of the second SKy76 CD album in FNAC Switzerland Store (Geneva / Lausanne / Fribourg). After the "online" version release, now you can find it in real CD store (only in Switzerland for now).


"Close-Up" CD release


In 2013, we could say: "the CD is dead". But not everyone will agree. Still few like a "real" CD, instead of immaterial MP3 file.

That's why, after several request, the "Close-Up" CD's album has just released. We took the opportunity to include also a "bonus" track, that was released as a single in 2012, but fit very well on this album.

Check the "buy" link for the details. You are also able to listen a sample for each tracks, from the first and the new album.


New SKy76 track

Hi there

After one year of hard work, the most ambitious SKy76's project is just released: A sophisticated electronica arrangement mixed with a well-known symphonic piece from Antonin Dvorak, the "New World Symphony".

Track available on iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby, etc...

Check the video on "video" tab.


New track

Hi there

After long months of working, re-working and re-arrangement, a new SKy76's track will be release soon.

It was a real challenge to do it and to finally get the intended result, but it seems the goal to mix Symphonic Music with Electronica Elements is well reached.


Soon available in preview on "SoundCloud" web platform and this website.

Stay in contact...

New album released

Hello everyone


Finally, the second album, "Close-Up" is released!!

You can find it on iTunes and on the online distributor webiste. All infos on "buy" tab.


I'm very happy to show you this one. It's more influenced by classical and contemporary music, and explore some new electronic ways.



Final work: Album Artwork

Hi everyone

With summer coming to an end, i have to deal with some delay of the album release. 

But i'm happy to work again with my graphic-designer friend (he already made my last album artwork). We working on the new Art-cover design, in order to be the most representative of the musical content. 

So, there are only few weeks before the final release of this second album, and i'm very excited to show you.

See you very soon.

New sample track and video

Hi everyone

Just to wait until the final release, i posted a new track from the upcoming album: Spell "Sweet". Check it on Music tab.

And also, i made a new video tab, to show you some "live" videos and other futur events.

Stay connected.

New video

Two new videos taken from a private showcase in late 2009. More infos on Sky76 Youtube channel

Sky76 on "La Planète Bleue Vol.6" compilation

Great news!!

The new release of "La Planète Bleue Vol.6" compilation contains, for the first time, a SKy76 title.

This 6th compilation comes from a famous radio show broadcasted on Couleur3, the distinctive swiss radio channel, and on the web.

As usual on "La Planète Bleue" the music selection is presented like "the worl tour of innovative music" (pictures on photo tabs).

"On La Planète Bleue, we focus on spatial and temporal correlations, the futuristic/primitive blends, the cyber-ethnic perspectives", says the notes.

All links on and on


new "Share" button

Hi everyone

I got a new feature for you!

Go on music tabs and you will see, on the bottom, a new "share" button! This allows you to share this music page directly in your personnal account (Facebook/Myspace/Google/etc...)

This way you can access and listen all news and past tracks!


New Lyric Opera/electronica track

Hi everyone

Since i wanted to go in a more orchestral/electronica musical way with this second album, i thought it was a good idea to explore a new musical path for me, and introduce a opera lyric singer and some orchestral strings arrangements into electronica context.

I cannot put online all this new sounds yet, but you will hear very soon some samples.



Finally the 2 new tracks!!!

Finally, there are here!

The first "In the Depths of the Memory", some of you already know.

And the second "First Chapter", with more ambient textures.

I'm very excited about the release of this second album next year, so stay connected, it will be more news in january 2010.

And check my blog, i'll keep it  regularly updated.

Thanks for your support!

New tracks from upcoming album

Hi there!


A new musical step!! Two new tracks from the upcoming new album (summer - fall 2010).

Like this 2 new tracks, the album will be a cross between classical instrumentation and strong electronica sound-design!

I'm looking forward to show you, here, in few days, this new tracks. Stay connected.


Sides projects

Have no time to think about Live or new SKy76 track, too busy with musical sides projects ( rehearsal for new musical project with classical musician, request for remix production, request for Dance production, etc..)

But i'm very happy to show you my first website. It will be updated with time.

Thanks for your support.



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