SKy76’s Biography

“Never repeat yourself, always look further!”

Taking his childhood fascination of electronic and synthesizers and crafting a career out of it, SKy76 has made a life for himself by combining the modern ways of electronic with the classical music of the past, as well as the grandeur of movies to create a style all his own: “Cinematic Electronica”.

After 5 years of keyboard lessons and several experiences as a keyboard player in various bands, the end of his teenage years marked the beginning of a research for his own sound, and much more personal compositions.

At the turn of the millennium, SKy76 fulfilled a longstanding dream and became an audio engineer. He then got to work producing tracks beginning to end; from the stage of creation and composition, until the final mix and audio mastering. Over the years his sound has evolved to combine the best of electronic with classical music grace.

With Cinematic Electronica, it’s easy to recognize that SKy76 is as inspired by music as he is by the big screen, “There are a lot of things happening behind the motion pictures, and it’s fascinating to learn how to create a particular emotion or feeling with music and sounds.”

His debut made its way to listeners in 2008, with Deconstruction album. Then came his sophomore album, Close-Up in 2011. Following by Electro-Acoustic Life form EP in 2014 and the more recent Emotional Level in 2016.
And 2019 has started with his new single The Northern Lights Odyssey.

After few private showcases and small electronic festivals in Switzerland, SKy76 had the opportunity to present a new “live” formula at “La Datcha” venue / Lausanne (Switzerland), in 2013. His violonist friend was deeply involved and played a large part on the show and the wonderful female soprano from the last album also.
And for the first time, in december 2017, a Classical Strings ensemble (5 strings players) joined SKy76 on stage for a concert where visual content on big screen, synchronized with the music, and classical trained musicians played the most iconic SKy76’s tracks “live”.

Each song he creates is as intricate as the last, playing out like a true performance. “Second Chapter”, from the second album, was composed of two acts that pay homage to an opera. The first gives way to the characters while the second delivers tragedy. That emotional toll is often heard throughout SKy76’s music. Take “Emotional Level” for example. SKy76 notes of this gem, “It’s like when the film starts with a scene full of emotions. The moment it happens you feel immediately a connection between the image and the music.”

“an artist with a huge breadth of innovative talent, who paints his sound canvas with vast cinematic brushstrokes.”

Joe Glassman • Label owner, Hum Tracks