Project Description

Close-Up / 2011

In 2011, the second album “Close-Up” is released on digital platform only, and explore much further the mix of classical music elements with electronica sound-design.
“In the Depths of the Memory” is the perfect example of this blend: take the original piano piece from the french classical composer Camille Saint-Saëns, made in the early 20st century, rework it with 21st century unusual beats and some organic “strings” instrument.
This time, his violinist friend worked with him on two tracks: the ambient “First Chapter” and the experimental “Emptiness”.
He introduced him also an amazing young soprano singer, who became the central part of “2st Chapter” song.
An album CD reissue was made in 2013, and included a special bonus track that took a year of work and raised great challenges (blend together a well-known symphonic piece for full orchestra and current electronica sound-design): “News from the Old World”.
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