Project Description

Deconstruction / 2008

In 2008, “Deconstruction” was the first SKy76’s official album released, auto-produced, and a collection of his best songs.
This  album is the result of many years of research into a specific sound identity and already shows a desire to mix, in a “cinematic” way,  the influences of classical music with an electronic base.
“Earthfield” for example, was initially composed/arranged in a “Electronic Lounge” style. And only few years later, the track was “shaped” to his final form, a more personnal sound. The SKy76’s sound was then found.
Before this album release, two tracks were selected in a special radio show called “The Blue Planet”, broadcasted on Switzerland’s radio “Couleur3”. And “Earthfield” has been also selected on the CD compilation “The Blue Planet Vol. 6”.
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